Hello Guys,

THE FIRST THING I WOULD LIKE TO SAY IS THANK YOU.  Thanks for the support that all of the club members that
contributed to what I believed to be a great and innovative project.  United Digital ARC is on the forefront and embracing
the new technology of the 21st century.  There was overwhelming support from our community.  Mind you that some of
you (and you know who you are) donated money and have no interest in D-Star or the technology.   I appreciate the
guys who just wanted to contribute to the cause of, FOR US BY US so we could have a place to call home.  Thanks also
for keeping things under the radar until we could get a number of details that needed to be put in place.  We are good
as we are UNITED

DDate/Status Tag Status
Registration Status: Registered with US Root.
Last Synchronization: 2015-03-20 02:30:39
( 4 minutes ago)
Update Reported: Combined Updates Installed.
(2014-09-07 04:48:48)
Update Reported: Combined Updates Installed.
(2015-03-14 23:53:43)
Update Reported: Combined Updates Installed.
(2015-03-17 04:02:09)
Latest Checksum Reported: Checksums: All up to date
(2015-03-20 02:30:23)
Previous Checksum Reported: Checksums: All up to date
(2015-03-20 02:15:38)
Gateway Software Icom G2
System Clock Okay
Last Status Reported: dsipsvd (root:3286) dsgwd (root:3236)
postgres (postgres:3146) httpd (root:3175)
java (root:2047) dplus (root:5844)
named (named:2448)
DSM 3.0.4b02 Running, PID = 2047
Mem: 1774MB Free, 3041MB Total
Last Version Reported: /dstar/scripts/gw_schedule 2.1b
Linux version 2.6.18-402.el5
Unique IPs in 48 hours 1
Trust Server Info Reported: Valid Trust Server Entry
(2015-03-20 02:15:38)
Registration Page: Registration Page Okay
Dplus Page: DPLUS Page Okay

Unique Stations Heard In The Last 14 Days on N5TAM
Callsign Time Heard Reporting Node
W9SUS 03/24/15 01:50:36 UTC N5TAM Dongle User DVD
W1GRE 03/24/15 01:15:49 UTC N5TAM Dongle User DVD
N5KDV 03/24/15 00:14:28 UTC REF004 C 2 Meters DVD
KO4L 03/23/15 23:48:20 UTC N5TAM Dongle User DVD
KB5FHK 03/23/15 23:08:46 UTC N5TAM Dongle User DVD
K6FED 03/23/15 21:41:15 UTC N5TAM Dongle User DVD
KF4RWA 03/22/15 20:03:13 UTC N5TAM C 2 Meters DVD
N5YT 03/20/15 18:35:06 UTC N5TAM C 2 Meters DVD
N5DWW A 03/20/15 02:54:42 UTC N5TAM Dongle User DVD

XRF748 Dashboard | Reflector Status and Control   

XRF748 Reflector System XRF748 Running Software 3.08

Linked Gateways
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E

Software Clients
Callsign Module Type
W9SUS Listening DV Dongle
KA3IZE A HotSpot
N4RAP A HotSpot
N5KDV A DV Dongle
N5XPD A HotSpot

Last Heard
Callsign Last TX on Source Date-Time EST
KA3IZE XRF748 A KA3IZE 2015-03-22 13:27:45  
KB2SQ XRF748 A KB2SQ 2015-03-22 13:27:06  
N5KDV XRF748 A N5KDV 2015-03-22 13:23:52  
N4RAP XRF748 A N4RAP 2015-03-22 13:16:35  
K6FED XRF748 A K6FED 2015-03-22 13:00:07  
KE7EFB XRF748 A KE7EFB 2015-03-22 12:16:09  
N5XPD XRF748 A N5XPD 2015-03-22 12:04:38  
N5XPD P XRF748 A N5XPD 2015-03-22 11:02:28  
W5FDB D XRF748 A W5FDB 2015-03-22 10:54:51  
KK4AYA XRF748 A WW4ALC 2015-03-21 20:42:04  
W9SUS XRF748 E W9SUS 2015-03-21 18:39:37  
WJ5Z P XRF748 A WJ5Z 2015-03-21 13:49:29  
KA6QDE XRF748 A KA6QDE 2015-03-21 01:27:18  
N9EXR XRF748 A N9EXR 2015-03-20 15:02:54  
K0STP XRF748 A K0STP 2015-03-19 12:08:04  
KE9PH XRF748 A KE9PH 2015-03-19 10:42:24  

http://ref004.dstargateway.org/dplus/mm_spacer.gifDPLUS Dashboard | Reflector Status and Control
Registration REF004 Reflector System DREFD version 1.28


Linked Gateways
Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E
K5LET C       
K8LCD A       
KB5DRP B       
KE5PFA C       
KE5RCS B       
KE7WTC C       
KF5KHM B       
N5HDS C       
N5MDS C       
ND5N C       
W5ETX C       
W5FC B       
W5HAT B       
W5SSV B       

Remote Users
Callsign User Message Last TX on Type
K5CTX S  B HotSpot
KF6DXT T U D listening HotSpot
KA5WJY  B HotSpot
N5TED  listening HotSpot
KE5YA  listening HotSpot
WJ5Z  listening HotSpot
KB5EDB ON THE ROAD listening HotSpot
KG5EUU  B HotSpot
W5ETJ  listening HotSpot
W5KJC  B HotSpot
KO4L  listening HotSpot
KB3KSB  listening DV AP
KF5HKI D  listening HotSpot
N5GMJ  B HotSpot
WB5QLD Mike, Hurst, TX B HotSpot
N3KV Will Edgewood MD C DV AP
AD5MT  listening HotSpot
KB5PBM  listening HotSpot
N5KDV JACK Natchez, MS C HotSpot
K6FED  listening DV Dongle

Last Heard
Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
KB5NFL Terry in Bangs Tx B 2015/03/23 23:42:05
W5MZU DENIS/51A/PVILLE/TEX B 2015/03/23 23:41:43
KA3IZE  C 2015/03/23 23:13:07
KE9PH TONY CHICAGO C 2015/03/23 23:09:20
N4HYK T U D C 2015/03/23 23:08:51
N5SVK DON-SAN ANGELO B 2015/03/23 23:03:18
K0STP STEFAN n VA C 2015/03/23 22:51:46
KB5ZCS Brownsville, Texas B 2015/03/23 22:42:30
KF4NUZ Ed Chatt.Tn ThumbDV B 2015/03/23 22:13:03
N5RV JERRY/CHRISTOVAL,TX B 2015/03/23 21:48:30
N4RAP Gateway To The West B 2015/03/23 21:47:26
AD5MT 73 de Patrick B 2015/03/23 21:32:22
KC5OOT  B 2015/03/23 21:29:37
WB5QLD Mike, Hurst, TX B 2015/03/23 20:28:08
KF6DXT  C 2015/03/23 20:14:44
N5KDV JACK Natchez, MS C 2015/03/23 20:14:14
KI5WG  B 2015/03/23 19:51:30
KF5ZQE NICK IN BELTON, TX B 2015/03/23 19:30:29
W1GRE W1GRE/IC91AD SUMMERV C 2015/03/23 19:19:53
KE7EFB James Portland Or C 2015/03/23 19:11:20
WB3JUV Grady Delaware Dngl C 2015/03/23 19:08:38
N5XPD P  C 2015/03/23 18:58:37
W5CBT KEN/ID-51 B 2015/03/23 18:26:18
N0FIB ID5100 Fort Worth TX B 2015/03/23 18:07:50
W9SUS DVAP-R.PI-2/LEROY C 2015/03/23 18:01:59
ZL1RAB  B 2015/03/23 17:43:37
N2WA  C 2015/03/23 17:04:18
KO4L Lloyd in SC C 2015/03/23 15:57:53
KB2SQ  C 2015/03/23 14:37:22
WG2W  C 2015/03/23 14:33:36
9Z4QA TOBAGO WEST INDIES B 2015/03/23 14:27:43
W5LND Lloyd, Big Spring TX B 2015/03/23 13:37:34
K5ORN Ce5$$ RCA-M C 2015/03/23 13:11:33
W5FDB D Freddie Dnhm Spg, LA C 2015/03/23 11:55:07
EB3EKB JOSEP*TORELLO B 2015/03/23 11:35:33
WW4ALC  C 2015/03/23 10:46:48
K5ZX Gene-Santa Fe NM B 2015/03/23 10:39:07
KW4RRC RANDY MERRITT ISLAND C 2015/03/23 10:07:26
W8JMZ JIM BATTLE CREEK MI B 2015/03/23 08:15:58

Status as of 2015/03/23 23:44:02

The N5TAM  D-Star repeater is on the air, finally. The repeater has 2 modules the N5TAM C which is 2m 145.2500
-.600.  The N5TAM B which is 70cm 447.4125  -5.00.  You can access the repeater through the internet.   This was a
long process for me.  A lot of bumps in the road. Also some learning processes with CentOS not being my first computer
language.  There was lots of research into something that I had never done before.  I had help from N5YT, WJ5Z, and
K6FED.  Guy N5YT was the routing and linux help.  Frank, K6FED and Roy, WJ5Z worked on the REF and XRF  
gathering technical information, finding the data center required for the X Reflector (XRF748 which is also FOR US BY
US) They are also responsible building  and installing the server for the X Reflector.  Guy, N5YT and myself worked on
the D-Star Repeater and D-Star server required by The US ROOT TRUST SERVER that be satisfied and must pass all
of the test required by the US TRUST.  All of the routing issues, software issues along with undocumented ways it should
be implemented.  It was not all good but it was fun.  

Thanks for your patience in letting me have the time to get all of the needed pieces and parts needed.  I do understand
it took some time but things happen and now they have come together.  There are a lot of other innovations we plan to
implement in the future such as incorporates Echolink, Irlp and Fusion interconnection.  If you are, or know some that is
interested let us know.  There are cheaper ways to try D-Star.  A less expensive introduction into this side of the hobby
can be obtain for $120.00.  The ThumbDV is the cheapest way so far to get involved.  They work really well.  You will be
attached to your computer but be able to work D-Star with the rest of the guys.  Try it you may like it.  Here is a link of
the product  
PN#  DV3000U  ThumbDV D-STAR DV USB $119.95  http://nwdigitalradio.com/products.  There many other ways to get
on the air but cost more.  

I hope you guys enjoy the new N5TAM repeater and the new X- reflector.

Thank you again,

Jack, N5KDV
N5TAM Repeater Admin

Special Thanks to:
N5YT Technical
K6FED Technical
WJ5Z Technical
And all others who had a hand in bringing it online.

P.S.  I am still looking for a set of 2m duplexers if any one knows please let me know.