TO Grandma Your Grandson, Michael Green

Why Does God Let Bad things happened to Good People

This is one of the most difficult questions for me to answer even though I have
asked myself this question a thousand times. Why does God let bad things
happen to good people is a question that I thought about a lot especially after
my grandmother died 4 years ago from lung cancer.   My grandmother meant
everything to me and after she died I was hurt, upset and very angry. I was
angry at God for taking someone so wonderful away from me. She was the most
down to earth person I knew. I could always go to her when things happened in
my life that I didn’t understand. Even though she lived far away from me, I
could always call her on the phone and she would find time to talk to me. She
would always say the right things that would make me understand and feel
My grandmother was a very spiritual person and my spiritual advisor. She was
a minister at Savannah AME Church in Lilesville, North Carolina. She was the
person I would go to when I had questions after I went to church, but didn’t
understand the minister’s sermon. I can remember spending hours on the phone
with her, talking about her relationship with God and how much he meant to
her and how he changed her life. So, even though it’s been almost 4 years since
my grandmother passed away, I still feel empty, like a part of me is missing. I
sometimes still feel angry because I don’t understand God’s decision.
Even though I will always have memories of all the conversations my
grandmother and I shared, the advice she gave me and her feelings about her
relationship she had with God, I still don’t understand why God took her away
from me.  Why did God allow my grandmother to be in pain and to die when all
she did was good?  
Why did God take a beautiful person with a great sense of humor that cared for
other people and who always went out of her way to do good? Why did God
take the one good person that I loved with all my heart, when there are so many
bad people in this world that deserve to die because they are mean and hurt and
bring pain to others?
When I think back on the many conversations that I had with my grandmother,
I remembered her telling me stories of how “sin” began. I wonder now, if
because we are all sinners that’s the reason why God lets bad things happen to
good people. I also remember my grandmother telling me stories about the
many sacrifices God made for us and I wonder if God allows bad things to
happen to good people because of the sacrifices he made for us. I remember my
grandmother telling me that when God created the world, it was to be free from
death, pain and suffering. I remember her saying that this was the way we were
to live and that it was only after God’s word was disobeyed by Adam and Eve
and Adam eating the forbidden fruit that the world changed for the worse.
If I had to guess why God lets bad things happen to good people I come up with
a lot of reasons. God lets bad things happen to good people because we are
sinners and because he sacrificed himself for us and for our sins.  I think he
allows bad things to happen to good people to remind us of how wonderful he is
and to make us constantly think about all the good things he has done for us
even though we may not deserve them. I think he lets bad things happen to
good people to remind us that he is the creator of heaven and earth and the
giver of life.
Maybe God lets bad thing happen to good people as a lesson. To teach us about
making better choices in the way we live our lives, to teach us to live our lives
according to the way the bible says we should, to bring us closer to him and to
encourage us to choose him and to become better Christians.  
Maybe God lets bad things happen to good people because he knows better than
we do and never makes mistakes, even though when bad things happen to us we
think he does. Maybe God lets bad things happen to good people because there
is no explanation other than he’s God and he always makes the right decision
because he’s perfect in everything he does.